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          July 14th 2019      





Headlines - Life Events and Recent News:



The Next Board of Directors Meeting is Wed July 17th @ 4:00 pm @ Henrich Hall. All Members in "Good Standing are welcome to attend. Open Forum will be at the start of the meeting this time.  As Always the members are always able to ask questions and give comments in a respectful manner during open forum part of the meeting.


The Beautification Group would like to work on a park project but we need residents who are physically able to help. The overgrown shrubs/bushes around mailboxes and light poles are our landscapers responsibility but the overgrown, out of shape or in some cases mostly dead bushes around the green electrical boxes are not. Most homes have them between homes. The group would like to make those look trimmed and cleaned up. If able residents could help do this to the ones in their yards it would greatly help. If residents are unable the group will do it if you let us know.    Beautification group (Deb Winiewicz)

This is just a reminder that the visiting nurse will not be coming to Henrich Hall until further notice !


There was a set of Buick Keys with a house key found in the road at one of the entrances if you think they may be yours please go to the office to inquire.

From Iris Perkoski Entertainment Committee - 781.293.1577

REMINDER: Paint Night is Scheduled for Tuesday, July 16, 2019 at 6:30pm. Do to high interest in July and limited space, please reserve your spot as soon as possible with Iris. @ 781-293-1577

   Yard Sale Update: We have 40 + homes so far signed up for this years yard sale. It is still NOT too late to add your name to this list by calling Iris @ 781-293-1577. The date of the Yard Sale is August 10th and August 11th. Price is $15 per home. We will do all the advertising and signage. Make check payable to HMHE Association, put check or cash into envelope addressed to Yard sale att. Iris and drop it into mail slot located on the office door at 50 Sycamore Drive.  Payment is due now !


Have some news that you would like to share with the community ??

For Halifax Estates Member Residents ! See Bottom of Newsletter for details !

Our Weekly Community Events:


Bingo - July 8th - 1st  Special – Jen Walker - Door Prize- Alyce Dutton –  50/50 –  Jackie Gaudet - Even Odd-Louise Gilmartin  - 2nd  Specials -  1st -Ellie Hurst and Judy Duncan -  2nd -  Avis Arsenault -  3rd -Patty Fanning -     

……. Claire Johnson


  Whist – July 10th -   1st - Jim Hiltz with 71 PTS - 2nd - Louise Johnson with 64 PTS -


3rd  - Carol Nelson with 28  PTS    ................ Nancy Hiltz



 Bowling –   


These Other Activities Are Down At Our Community Building -  Henrich Hall !


The Singing Group  @ Halifax Estates

Practices on Thursday Evenings 7 pm @ Henrich Hall in the Upper Level

The Singing Group Music Sessions are a great time !  Come down and join !

 All Welcome ............... Hope to see you there .................... Rick Darling

Line Dancing -  Tuesdays - 2:30pm  - Upper Level  @ Henrich Hall ! 

If you don't want to dance you are welcome to come down and watch !  All Are Welcome !

 Chair Yoga -  Wednesdays  - 11:00 am - 12:00 Noon  - Upper Level @ Henrich Hall ! 


  Knitting and Crocheting  -  Wednesdays 1:00  PM Upper Level @ Henrich Hall !

Ladies Cards  - Fridays @ 1 pm Upper Level Henrich Hall.


Don’t forget the Library  - Lower Level Henrich Hall - Books - VCR Tapes - DVD’s and More ! !

 There are also a Fitness Area and Pool Tables, Dart Board, Ping Pong Table and a Wood Shop Too !


  There is always lots to do here @ Halifax Estates !

Get Involved  ...... Try One or Try All

  After All ....... It's your Community ! 


   Upcoming Events:


Next Board of Directors Meeting is Wed July 17th @ 4:00 pm @ Henrich Hall.

Halifax Estates Helping Hands Committee Meeting Friday July 19th 10 am Lower Level Henrich Hall !


Generations Trip- A RI Lighthouse Cruise - Quonset Club -Thursday July 25th  - $97 PP Leaves Henrich Hall @ 8:45- Choice of Baked Scrod or Chicken Cutlet with lemon.   .................... Call Dottie @ 781-801-4822



The Annual HMHEA Inc. Meeting will be @ the Calvary Baptist Church in Hanson on August 13th @ 7pm.



There will be a Candidates night on  Friday August 2nd @ 7pm @ Henrich Hall

for residents to be able to ask the candidates questions.

Nomination Papers are available @ the office in the foyer and Henrich Hall inside the front door !


                                             7.5 Secretary


Any Questions ? Call Us ! - Charlie Brine @ 352-789-9791- Roxanne Currier @ 339-244-4942

or Donna O’Connell @ 781-294-1035

Community Rule Reminder of the Week !

Need a Copy of the Community Rules ?? Click Here For A Full Copy of All The Rules !

 Rule # 13. WATER USE -    A. Residents are encouraged to be aware of water conservation at all times.  Residents should make every effort not to leave any faucets or toilets running, leaking or dripping, and water shall not be left running to protect against freezing. B. Residents may use the Community’s water for their ordinary personal and household needs.  Excessive use of water, over and above personal and household needs is not acceptable, and this rule shall be applied in a reasonable and non-discriminatory manner. C. Sprinkler systems for watering lawns or recreational use are prohibited.





   Trips with Nancy and Jim Hiltz !    For More Info Please Call 781-293-7195 






   For Sale, Wanted, Needed or Free:


Plant Swap: I will swap evening primrose and black eyed susans  (both Yellow) in exchange for whatever perennial you may have in your garden!   If interested please give me a call @ 781-293-5367 leave # on answering machine if no answer.

For Sale - 3 seater couch - 3 yrs old - Looks brand new ! Raisin Brown Call 617-980-3840

For Sale - Very light lemon sofa, round on one end, straight other from Jordan’s $50.00 - 7 Piece yard set, wrought Iron, table 4 chairs 2 rockers  - $50.00 ……  Call 781 293 3009  

Free - Anyone interested in building a small rock wall, free boulders (approx. 25-50)  & delivery” Leave message at 781-563-2425 to take a look at pile, will return call”

For Sale - Perfect Hose Deluxe - 100FT Full size garden hose - automatically expands with water pressure - compresses when not in use for east storage  -Never Used and in box - orig. $17.99 Asking $12  ………… Call 781-293-3942


For Sale - 10 foot Extension Aluminum Ladder - $75 or Best Offer ! - Call Lynette or Mike Crovo  @ 781-293-6164


For Sale -   Tires and wheels HD Electra Glide $300 -Rear window protector and Ladder rack $50 - Floor Jack $20 -Aluminum roof trac racks - $50- Receiver hitch for  P/U $20 - Large dresser with hutch $200 - coffee table $15- 20 12x12 vinyl tiles $20 -Delux Entertainment center $50....... Call Bob @ 339-933-1143




Thank You !


Need to sell something, or give it away for free ? ? Want or need something ????

Free Ad for all HMHEA Inc Members !

More Notices:


REQUEST THAT ALL TOWN RECYCLE NOW BE PLACED ON THE MAILBOX SIDE OF THE STREET ! We have been asked by the Recycle Driver to make it more efficient when collecting that we do this. So If your able to do this it would be appreciated …. THANK YOU !

All Items to go into this Newsletter  MUST BE Left @ The office now on Thursdays by 12:00 Noon in order for it to appear in the next Newsletter.  ......... Thanks …. Jeff O’Connell … Editor

PS Deadline is still Fridays @ 12:00 Noon if you  E-Mail it to me @ halmobilehomes@aol.com  ! 

A reminder that according to our rules, ALL DOGS MUST BE ON LEASHES AT ALL TIMES WHEN THEY ARE OUTSIDE ! We are having an issue with this problem recently and it's getting out of hand. Please know that this rule will be strictly enforced for safety reasons. Thank all of you that are responsible pet owners ! You are appreciated!  …......... Nancy Froio


Here is a summary of community events below that we have coming up !

 Please Mark your Calendars:

COA is hosting the annual Ice Cream Social at Henrich Hall – Wed. July 24  

Helping Hands Meat Drawing  – Sat. July 27

Halifax Estates Candidates Night – Friday August 2nd 7 pm @ Henrich Hall

 Halifax Estates Park Wide Yard Sale – Sat. August 10th & Sun. 11th 

Halifax Estates Annual Membership Meeting - @ the Calvary Baptist Church

in Hanson on Tues. August 13 th @ 7pm.

COA is hosting their annual picnic – Wed Aug 21st @ 12 noon

In September, a speaker about Elder Abuse – Date to be announced

Game Night on Sat. Sept 21st

Craft Fair here at Henrich Hall –  Sat. October 19th 

Halloween Dance with DJ’s – Sat. October 26th  

Movie Night in November – Date to be determined  

New Years Eve Party – Tues. Dec. 31

Now That is a lot of fun times coming up here @ Halifax Estates !

Any Questions Please Call Entertainment Committee Chairperson Iris @ 781-293-1577

We will update this as soon as information is available



For Your Entertainment  Section:


July 14th  -  Is National Tape Measure Day ! So everyone lets all get out and measure ……… AH I guess anything ! …. Deck ……. Driveway ………… Home ……… Or Street if you are really ambitious !


Trivia -  What was the older popular chewing gum with the same name of a game of chance ?


Weekly Quote  - “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.” ― Leo Tolstoy


Did You Know ?  Brylcreem would keep your hair in place like car grease ?   Remember…….  A little dab ‘ll do ya”


Weekly Laughs - I'm so good at sleeping that I can do it with my eyes closed. -When does Friday come before Thursday? ….. In the dictionary - What kind of button won’t unbutton? ….… A bellybutton ! -Why is the sky so unhappy? Cause it has the blues ! -  What's easy to get into but hard to get out of? …… Trouble ! -What did the digital clock say to the grandfather clock? ….. Look grandpa, no hands ! - What do you call a man that irons clothes? …… Ah…. Iron Man ! - What did the tree say to the wind? ….. Leaf me alone! - I always try to cheer myself up by singing when I get sad. Most of the time, it turns out that my voice is worse than my problems.  - What do you call the heavy breathing someone makes while trying to hold a yoga pose? …… Yoga pants. - Where do cows hang their paintings? …..In the mooo-seum. - What do you call a group of unorganized cats? …. A Cat-astrophe ! - What is the difference between a dressmaker and a farmer? …... A dressmaker sews what she gathers, a farmer gathers what he sows ! - Why did the belt go to jail? …... Because it held up a pair of pants! - Why aren’t koalas actual bears? …..The don’t meet the koalafications. - Why was the student's report card wet? …… It was below C level! - I'm in shape... Unfortunately, it's the shape of a potato. - Saw some footage of polar bears drinking water today. It's obviously fake, everybody knows they only drink Coca-Cola. -I'm not clumsy! The floor just hates me, the table and chairs are bullies, and the walls get in my way. -  That’s it !.…… Hope you enjoyed them………… till next week !


 Extra Joke ! - Why do medications never have any good side effects? Just once I'd like to read a medicine bottle that says,  ........................................... "May cause extreme sexiness"


Say What ! - These ten thousand tricky tongue twisters trip thrillingly off the tongue !    .... Took A while to say this one right ! !


Trivia  Answer - That would be Blackjack a licorice flavored gum that was available till its decline in the 70s ! Now it is available on a small scale in candy specialty shops to those who want to enjoy it again.  



For a Little $ $ Your Approved Business Ad Could Be Below !

( which is then donated to the Halifax Estates Helping Hands Committee)

send us an e mail @ halmobilehomes@aol for details !  Or call 781-294-1087

To All Who Have Placed Ads ................Thank You !

   Business Ad's and Notices:



HANSON BOWLADROME: 171 Reed St. In Hanson Ma.  Candle Pin Bowling - An enjoyable pastime for Family and Friends, and for those Special Occasions such as Birthdays, School Promotions, Family get togethers, ect.  We have available a pleasant Function room - Come Join The Fun ! Senior Rates: $1 for Shoes - $2.25 Per String  !  

FUN FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY ! ................... Call us @ 781-293-2050 for more info !







There are many reasons we sell so many more

Community Homes Here @ Halifax Estates ! 

No Hype ! Only Results !

Remember with us its never complicated It's always .............

“ Plain - Simple - Straightforward"

If you find you want to sell your home please call us !

We can do so much more than others !


We Thank You For Your Consideration !

Donna And Jeff O'Connell @ The Park Sales Group

Our Tel # are 781-294-1087  or  781-264-6588




NOTICE: HMHEA Inc Does Not endorse any of these businesses above.

 They are paid advertisements only !


That’s it for this week, Be Safe and Be Well !

............ Jeff O’Connell Sr. - Editor   


    Next Town Recycling - Wed July 17th & Wed July 31st 


Thought for today - Develop An ‘Attitude Of Gratitude’. Say Thank You To Everyone You Meet For Everything

They Do For You.”  …………………… Brian Tracy



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Main Office Hours @ 50 Sycamore Dr. - Tues. & Thurs. - 9am - 1pm Only !  - 781-293-9015

Tel. # For Emergency - Bristol South - 1-508-823-2300  ext 2102 - Mon - Fri  9 am -5 pm  - After Hrs. Ext 8

Your resident on site contact person for non emergency or maintenance issues daytime hours is:

 Peter Hayhow  @ 1-508-397-2891

READ CAREFULLY AS THE INFO HAS CHANGED: If you have any Questions, Comments, or if you have something to go in the “Chat”  you must leave it @ the Office @ 50 Sycamore Drive by noon on Thursday  or you may still e mail it to me @ halmobilehomes@aol.com. by Friday Noon. All items to be considered for publication in the On Line or print version Newsletter  MUST BE Signed by signing or sending it e-mail you acknowledge that the information submitted will be part of the newsletter and may be visible by anyone on line .......   Thank You !

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