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        October 13th 2019      



   Monday Oct 14th  ................. Enjoy The Holiday !  



Headlines - Life Events and Recent News:

Hi everyone ! -  I would like to explain how the tree situation is being handled. We had Newcomb Tree Service come in and walk the whole community and mark trees that need to be removed. Their assessment came up with a little over 1200 trees that need to come down at a price of a little over $600,000. At the Annual meeting, the budget was approved by the members with $200,000 for tree removal. That means we have that much money for tree removal for the next fiscal year. Anything over that $200,000 would have meant a lot fee increase that nobody wants. We hope to have the same amount approved each year without a lot fee increase, which means the tree project will take a little over 3 years. Our fiscal year is Oct. 1st - Sept. 30th, which means the funds were not available to use until Oct. 1st. Bristol South is in the process of getting proposals for removing as many trees as we can for the allotted $200,000 for this year. As soon as we have hired a tree company, we will let you know. We have been getting complaints about the marked trees and some of them have not been very nice. This has all been explained before and we hope everyone understands the process. If you have any questions, please call Any Board Member.

Thank you all for your patience and understanding.

We have been getting complaints about people that walk their dogs in the middle of the road. PLEASE walk your dog on the sides of the road for everyone's safety, including your dog's! Some drivers have come close to having an accident because of this because the dog is on a long leash and runs out to the middle of the road.      Thank you for your cooperation.


Don't Miss The Annual Halifax Estates Craft Fair !

Halifax Estates Annual Craft Fair @ Henrich Hall – Sat October 19th  9am - 2pm

 Wonderful Gifts - Lunch - Baked Goods -Drawings and More !   

Proceeds for the Craft Fair go to helping families in need @ Christmastime !

Let continue to make this a success !  .........Thank You For Your Participation !

Don't Miss The Annual Halifax Estates Craft Fair !

The Annual Craft Fair is fast approaching ! !  We need baked goods for the ”bake table” - Anyone willing to help can bring goodies like fudge or breads or cupcakes ect ect to the hall on Oct 18th between 4-7 . It would be appreciated. Or you may call me @ 339-244-4713 for more details ! Thank you in advance for helping us out on this important community event that helps so many people @ Christmastime .....................  Judy Yergeau    



Our condolences go out to the family and friends of one of our longtime residents Harriet Doyle of Rosewood Drive - Harriet Smith Stetson Doyle, 97, passed away peacefully at her home here in Halifax Estates on October 3, 2019, surrounded by family. She was born August 22, 1922, in Portland, Maine to Edward Smith Stetson & Hazel Wheeler Stetson.    She spent her childhood in Lewiston/Auburn, Maine. Her family later moved to Newton, MA, where Harriet graduated from Newton High School Class of 1941. A service and a time of visiting and greeting by the family was held at Halifax Congregational Church on Wednesday, October 9th with a luncheon following the service. For those who wish to make a special gift in Harriet’s memory, we know she would recommend giving to Halifax Estates Helping Hands or the Vietnam Veterans Charity of your choice.      CLICK HERE For the Full Obituary !

Our condolences go out to the family and friends of Phyllis Stewart of Forestdale Drive.   More info as it is available.


The next time your can & plastic bottle donations are picked up is Tuesday, October 15, 2019 after 8:30am.

Please leave them in your driveway.

HELPING US = HELPING OURSELVES ....... Helping Hands of Halifax Estates



Our Next Paint Night is Tuesday Oct 15 at 6:30 in Henrich Hall. $20 bucks includes all materials and instruction. This month we are painting a nice Halloween kitty. Call or text Sue Hopps 339-933-3057 to join us!



Generations Meeting -10/21/19 on Mon @ 10 am @ Henrich Hall      All Invited - Coffee and Donuts !


   The New Lot Rent Rate is in effect as of OCTOBER 1st which is $595.00  

Reminder: If you have anything @ the RV Lot Registrations are due end of November. Lets plan on getting that done as it will make so much easier.  …… Thanks…….Ted Hunt

There was "Coffee with the Board" that was held On Sat. Oct 12th @ Henrich Hall from 10 am to 12 noon.

Coffee and snacks were there for all of the residents who came.  It was nice to see the residents that attended and of course the Halifax Estates Board of Directors too ! I believe this will be a monthly event. Watch the newsletter for any updates. 

Happy Anniversary To Us !


Not only was it the " Coffee Hour " with the Board last Saturday October 12th @ Henrich Hall but also our 2nd Anniversary as we became a Resident Owned Community (ROC) ! MuchThanks should go out to not only all who helped us become this but also to those who continue to volunteer on the Board of Directors, on all of the wonderful committees and to all who support and participate in our great community of Halifax Estates !


  More Pic's on FaceBook @


Have some news that you would like to share with the community ??

E mail it to

Our Weekly Community Events:


Bingo - September 30th - 1st Special – Ed Nelson -  Door Prize - Jen Walker - 50/50 – Sandy Dalton – Even Odd- Nancy Froio  - 2nd  Special -  1st  - Mary Pasteris - 2nd -  Peggy Goyette -  3rd -  Ed Nelson

October 7th - 1st Special – Nancy Froio  -  Door Prize - Linda Shultz - 50/50 – Pat Tameo – Even Odd- Jen Walker - 2nd  Special -  1st  - Nancy Froio and Carol Nelson- 2nd -  Peggy Goyette -  3rd -  Stan Estabrook and Suzie Hopps

  .................... Claire Johnson


  Whist October 2nd -   1st -  Carol Nelson with 64 PTS - 2nd  Avis Arsenault with 63 PTS - 3rd  - Judy Duncan with 32 PTS    ................ Nancy Hiltz




Bowling – September 19th - Womens High Single -  Nancy Hiltz  with 92 - Womens High three -  Nancy Hiltz  with 254 -  Mens High Single -  Bob Grahn with 106 - Mens High three -  Bob Grahn with 265 -  Quarters were won by Tom Crotty

September 26th - Womens High Single - Marlene Woods with 90 - Womens High three -  Marlene Woods with 254 -  Mens High Single - Joe Kozak with 101 - Mens High three - Joe Kozak with 270 -    Quarters were won by Marlene Woods 

October 3rd - Womens High Single - Nancy Hiltz with 94 - Womens High three - Nancy Hiltz with 259 -  Mens High Single - Bob Grahn with 94 - Mens High three - Bob Grahn with 255 - Quarters were won by Mary Pasteris - ............................Rita Magnarelli



These Other Activities Are Down At Our Community Building -  Henrich Hall !


Is the Singing Group  @ Halifax Estates

They practice on Thursday Evenings 7 pm @ Henrich Hall in the Upper Level

  Come down and join !  All Welcome ............... Hope to see you there .................... Rick Darling

Line Dancing -  Tuesdays - 2:30pm  - Upper Level  @ Henrich Hall ! 

If you don't want to dance you are welcome to come down and watch !  All Are Welcome !

 Chair Yoga -  Wednesdays  - 11:00 am - 12:00 Noon  - Upper Level @ Henrich Hall ! 


  Knitting and Crocheting  -  Wednesdays 1:00  PM Upper Level @ Henrich Hall !

Ladies Cards  - Fridays @ 1 pm Upper Level Henrich Hall.


Don’t forget the Library  - Lower Level Henrich Hall - Books - VCR Tapes - DVD’s and More ! !

 There are also a Fitness Area and Pool Tables, Dart Board, Ping Pong Table and a Wood Shop Too !


  There is always lots to do here @ Halifax Estates !

Get Involved  ...... Try One or Try All

  After All ....... It's your Community ! 


   Upcoming Events:


Here is a  list of community events that are coming up !

 Please Mark your Calendars:



Craft Fair here @ Henrich Hall –  Sat. October 19th 9am to 2 pm

Lunch, Many Great items, Drawings and More !

Need Info Call Judy Yergeau @ 339-244-4713 


Next board of directors meeting is scheduled for Thursday Oct. 24th at 4pm. @ Henrich Hall


Halloween Dance with DJ’s – Sat. October 26th  @ Henrich Hall 7- 11 pm


Movie Night in November – Date to be determined  @ Henrich Hall


New Years Eve Party – Tues. Dec. 31 @ Henrich Hall


Please Mark your Calendars ! ! !

Now That is a lot of fun times coming up here @ Halifax Estates !

Any Questions Or Ideas ??

Please Call Entertainment Committee Chairperson Iris @ 781-293-1577


Community Rules

Need a Copy of the Community Rules ?? Click Here For A Full Copy of All The Rules !



   For Sale, Wanted, Needed or Free:

Free book case 6' high by 28" wide by 12" deep  .................... Call Glenda 781 293 3391

Free - Swivel Mount for Large TV  -  Call 781-754-0602  Ask For Ted or Noreen

For Sale: Lenovo Computer with windows 10 - Flat screen monitor- HP Printer - Computer desk - Gaming Software - All This for $125.00 -    Call Murray @ 781-291-9128

For Sale: - Whirlpool Electric Stove - White 3 yrs old $200 - Whirlpool Over the Stove Microwave Oven also 3yrs old in white - $50 - Call 781-588-2589 (in park)

 Free - 4 large plastic storage bins. They need some washing as they have been used outdoors pick up @ 62 Redwood Drive  Take one or two or take them all !

Free - 1 Small Rocker Recliner - Beige in color @ 104 Beechwood - Call 774-826-9110

For Sale: - Coffee Table 47 long 27 deep and 18 high - $50  - Like Brand New - Call 617-980-3840  (In Park)

For Sale : Tires and wheels HD Electra Glide $350 - HD Seats - $50 - Floor Jack $20 - Fairing with stereo $300 - Floor Jack $15 - Receiver Hitch for P/U $15 - Rear window protector/ ladder rack $40 - Aluminum Roof Rack $75 -  Large Dresser with hutch $300 - Coffee table  $10 - Cloth Recliner  $20 ..... Please Call  @  1-339-933-1143




Thank You !


Need to sell something, or give it away for free ? ? Want or need something ????

Free Ad for all HMHEA Inc Members !

For Your Entertainment  Section:


October 13th is - National M&M Day ! Time to have those tasty candies we have all loved over the years

 …. Go ahead you deserve It !   


Did You Know ?  The vocal distress signal 'Mayday!' comes from the French term 'M'aider,' which means 'help me.' If you need to use it to call for help, be sure to say it 3 times in a row so potential first responders will know it's a legitimate distress call.


Trivia - What else was Hollywood starlet Hedy Lamarr known for ?

  Weekly Quote  - An expert is one who knows more and more about less and less until he knows absolutely everything about nothing.  .......................  Nicholas Murray Butler

 Weekly Laughs -  Why was the birthday cake as hard as a rock? …….Because it was marble cake! - What time is it when you have to go to the dentist? Tooth-hurtie. - Patient: “Doctor, I get heartburn every time I eat birthday cake.”…… Doctor: “Next time, take off the candles.” - Speaking of cakes ….. Why do we put candles on the top of birthday cakes?……….Because it’s too hard to put them on the bottom! -  What do you call male friends who love math? ……. algebros ! - What do you call a number that can’t keep still?……. A roamin’ numeral. - How long does it take to know if a pair of underwear fits you well?….. Oh Just a brief moment! - I used to work for an origami company until it folded. - I remember how embarrassed I was when I couldn’t pay my electric bill.  It was the darkest day of my life .- I quit my job at the helium factory today. ….. I refuse to be spoken to in that tone of voice. -  What do a dog and a phone have in common?….. They both have collar ID. - Why did the pig get hired by the restaurant? …..Because he was really good at bacon. -  Why was the belt sent to jail?…… For holding up a pair of pants! -  Why did the invisible man turn down the job offer?…. Because he just couldn’t see himself doing it. - What happened when one cannibal arrived late to the dinner party?…. The others gave him the cold shoulder. - What kind of exercise do lazy people do?… Diddly-squats. (right Ted M) -Did you hear the star of Cake Boss was arrested for DWI. Police interrogated him for 30 minutes at 350 degrees. -  How do you get down from an elephant?…… You don’t. You get down from a goose.

 That’s All I got ! ! .… Rata tat tat ……… Till Next Week ! !

 Extra Joke !  - How many sheep does it take to make one sweater?….. Depends how well they can knit ! ! !


Trivia  Answer - She is often called the “mother of Wi-Fi.” She helped invent a version of the frequency-hopping system that led to the creation of GPS, Bluetooth, and wireless internet.

Say What !  -  If one doctor doctors another doctor, then which doctor is doctoring the doctored doctor? Does the doctor who doctors the doctor, doctor the doctor the way the doctor he is doctoring doctors? Or does he doctor the doctor the way the doctor who doctors doctors?


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Enjoy the Holiday !

............ Jeff O’Connell Sr. - Editor   

    Next Town Recycling -  Wed Oct. 23rd & Wed Nov 6th


Thought for today - Just living is not enough. One must have sunshine, freedom, and a little flower.

........................ Hans Christian Anderson



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