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  December 12th  2017 


Happy Hanukkah !

May you be blessed with gifts of love, peace, and happiness this Hanukkah.

Headlines - Life Events and Recent News:

Frank Murphy of Parkwood Dr. Has had some problems  and is @ HealthSouth Braintree Rehab 250 Pond St Braintree Ma. 02184  Send a card or call him @ 781-348-3973 - We are sure he would like to hear from his friends and neighbors.

Last Day of Pickup for all of leaves and pine needles here in the community is Wed. Dec 20th by Gary Villiard ! !

Reminder:  Tickets are ONLY available in advance for our New Years Eve Party until December 26th. Please call Iris Perkoski @ 781-293-1577, if no answer, please leave message. Tickets are $18 pp.  if you’re single, please come join us! If you’re married, please come join us! If you have friends interested in coming and having a great time, please bring them! Hot and cold buffet, 50/50 Drawing, DJ Rick Darling. BYOB. Come one - come All!!! ........... Tickets are ONLY available in advance for our New Years Eve Party until December 26th.

GIFT WRAPPING- This year we have raised enough money from our Craft Fair to make 10 children happy on Christmas morning ! ! The gifts are being bought and are ready for wrapping. Please join us @ Henrich Hall @ 10am on Tues. Dec 12th  for getting the gifts ready for Santa’s sleigh. Please bring scissors and a roll of tape. …….... Jeanne Brannen

The Halifax Recycling Center along with the Highway Department will pick up large items curbside monthly. There is a minimum $5.00 fee charged to have items picked up curbside, all items picked up curbside will be charged the same fee structure for Bulky Waste disposal at the Recycling Center. For more info or call the Recycling Center. Residents can pre-register by calling the Recycling Center at 781 293-1732 or by visiting the center.  Click Here To See The Schedule

Registrations for the RV Lot are now overdue please drop by a copy of your registration to the office or remove any unregistered items !  ..................................  Thank You !

U.S. Mail boxes should not be used as a place to leave a note or paper deliveries or unstamped Christmas cards. If you leave a gift card for your carrier put a bow on it and a return label in case it gets picked up by accident. Otherwise it will be deemed undeliverable and be destroyed ! !

NO OVERNIGHT PARKING in the street as we need the plows to get through when there are storms ! !  ......... Thank You ! !

No Styrofoam or plastic bags ( they go into the regular trash ) in the green recycle bins - Also all shredded paper must be in paper bags to be picked up - if not they wont be picked up ! ................... Per Recycle 

Christmas Card Delivery For Park Residents- This will start on Sunday Dec. 10th and end on Friday Dec 22nd @ Noon. For the residents that are new to the park WELCOME and here is how it works ! - Any Christmas card you would like to send to any resident here in Halifax Estates (the Park)  can be placed in provided baskets that have the name of the streets on them @ Henrich Hall just inside the main door. The volunteers will pick them up 2 or 3 times a week and deliver them to your home, or if you are going by or dropping off cards see if you have any cards in the baskets. Please keep driveways and steps clear of snow and ice for all of the volunteers safety. Thank You and Merry Christmas ! If you want more info please call Judy Abar @ 781-293-5367  

There was ROC training session on Dec 9th @ Henrich Hall and by many that attended it was a success ! It gave us a better perspective on the way a ROC Community should be managed. They broke it down to easy to understand terms like how to read the 100 page financial statement or looking to the bylaws we have to see how they are used for the betterment of the community using some examples of what could be real life situations.  Thanks to the ROCUSA and CDI and all that attended we have a better understanding going forward !


Our Weekly Community Events:

Bingo - December 4th - 1st  Special -Jackie Gaudet  - Door Prize- Cam Ibbitson -   50/50 – Sandy Pratt– Even Odd - Cathy Walsh - 

2nd  Special -  1st -Anne Marie Ellis-  2nd - Cam Ibbitson - 3rd - Peggy Goyette………….… Claire Johnson


  Whist –  December 6th  -  1st –Ronnie Hiltz with 64 Pts – 2nd –Stan Estabrook with 56 Pts. -3rd - Jim Hiltz with 30 pts ………….. ................................................................................................................. Nancy Hiltz


Bowling – December 7th  - Woman’s High Single – Sally Burke @ 98  Woman’s High Three Total – Sally Burke @ 248 - Men’s High Single: Tom Crotty @ 97 -   Men’s High Three Total – Tom Crotty @ 257 -Theresa MacDonald won the quarters.  ……. Rita Magnarelli


Knitting   - Every Wed @ Henrich Hall -  1:00 pm - Come join us !   ..............  We would love to see you !



   Upcoming Events 


The Next Board of Directors meeting will be Dec. 14th @ 2:00 pm. @ Henrich Hall - All are welcome to attend ! !


Editors Note: You can only get so much info here in the newsletter if you want to be informed please come to the the Board of Directors Meetings ! ! !  They are OPEN to all Residents that are HMHEA INC. MEMBERS ! After the Meeting there is a member open forum so you can ask questions about anything !  ............................... If you want to know ................................ Please Attend ! ! !


Next Halifax Estates Helping Hands Committee Meeting is Friday December 15th - 10 am Lower Level Henrich Hall ! All are welcome to join and attend.

The Annual Singing Seniors  Christmas Concert will be held at 1:30 pm on Sunday Dec. 17th @ Henrich Hall. Everyone is invited so please come join us and sing along with songs for the holidays. This is a wonderful community event that is held every year. Don't miss it  ! Refreshment will follow.   ............................ Once again it is  at 1:30 pm on Sunday Dec. 17th @ Henrich Hall our community center.

TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW !  NEW YEARS EVE PARTY !  -  MAKE IT A TRADITION! - Come join your neighbors and bring your friends and ring in the New Year! Eat, Talk, Dance! Hot and cold Buffet served at 7pm. Dessert and coffee, 50/50 Drawing and Door Prize! Place: Henrich Hall, 33 Redwood Drive - Date & Time: Sunday December 31, 2017 at 7pm- Price: $18 per person. DJ: our very own Rick Darling playing our favorite music- BYOB-  Tickets are ONLY sold in advance by calling Iris Perkoski at 781-293-1577, leave message if no answer. Ticket deadline: Tues.December 26, 2017 -

Pot luck Luncheon / Dinner. - On Saturday, January 13, 2018 at 2pm we are planning on having a Pot luck Luncheon / Dinner. Please RSVP to Iris Perkoski @ 781-293-1577 This is required since we want to avoid ending up with 15 of the same thing.



   Trips with Dave Roy   Call - 781-294-4846  - All Trips 2 B paid 5 days in advance to Dave Roy !


 REMINDER: Twin River - Tues Dec 12th - Leaves @ 10 am Home @ 6 pm


Twin River - Jan 9th - Leaves @ 10 am Home @ 6 pm -  $27 pp $10 slot play $7 food voucher


Twin River - Feb 6th - Leaves @ 10 am Home @ 6 pm -  $27 pp $10 slot play $7 food voucher 


Foxwoods - March 6th  - Leaves @ 10 am  -  $27 pp



   For Sale, Wanted, Needed or Free:


    Got something to sell ??  ................... Free for Halifax Estates Member Residents - Non Business Ads Only !


   Business Ad's and Notices:


Have a Home To Sell Here in Our Community ?   The Park Sales Group @ ParkSalesGroup.com  or our sister site @ HalifaxMobileHomes.com can help you sell your home period. If you have any friends or family that are looking to move here we can help them find just the right home here in our community. Please call us @ 781-294-1087 or 781-264-6588 - NO HYPE  just  a “ Plain - Simple and Straightforward “ way of doing business !  See Us on Facebook also @parksalesgroup  .... Please Call Us with any questions you may have or if we can be of any help !   ...............................  Thanks You !

For a Little $ $ Your Approved Business Ad could be here !  ( which is then donated to the Halifax Estates Helping Hands Committee)

send us an e mail @ halmobilehomes@aol for details !  Or call @781-294-1087

REAL ESTATE DONE YOUR WAY ! YOU NEED TO CALL US BEFORE YOU LIST YOUR HOME - YOU WOULDN’T GET ONLY  1 ESTIMATE FOR SOMEONE TO REPAIR YOUR HOME ! SELLING YOUR HOME, you have a CHOICE !   Very Low  Commissions Rates, as LOW as 3%  -  Full Real Estate Services  -  Flexible Marketing based on YOUR needs  -   Professional Evaluations.     Call Charlie Brine 352-789-9791 or Marion Krivacs 339-933-6438, Let's talk please visit  www.realestatedoneyourway.com   We like to think of it as “SENIORS HELPING SENIORS”



   Other Notices:


TOYS FOR TOTS: The Marine Corps has been sponsoring the “Toys for Tots” program since 1947. We ask for donations of un-wrapped, non-violent toys to be distributed to needy children in this area who otherwise would go without toys during the Christmas season ! There is a marked collection box in Henrich Hall (upper level) for your donations. The residents have been very generous in the past. Thank you all in advance for your donations. If you have any questions please call me @ 508-397-2960   Jack Kinsherf   ( in park )



If you have any type of work done always get more that one estimate and also ask for certificate of liability insurance !  … Protect yourself !


If you have any complaints or concerns about anything, please put them in a signed letter. You will remain anonymous, but it has to be signed. We will not address any issues that are sent to us without a signature.


      OH WOW ! .........................  Only 13 days to Christmas !



Entertainment  Section:


Today December 12th -  is Gingerbread House Day !


Did You Know ?   - Hanukkah begins at sundown on Tuesday, December 12, and ends at sundown on the 20th.


Trivia Christmas is celebrated on the 25th of December. Who is the patron saint remembered on the 26th of December?


Weekly Laughs  What is a bird’s favorite Christmas story?……The Finch Who Stole Christmas. (how do you like that one Paul and Kathy ?)  - Where do snowmen keep their money?…….  In a snow bank. - What does Jack Frost like best about school? …… Snow and tell. - What do you get if you cross an iPad with a Christmas tree?…… A pineapple! - A book that was never written: “How to Decorate a Tree” by Orna Ment.- What has a jolly laugh, brings you presents and scratches up your furniture? …… Santa Claws. - Knock, knock. Who’s there?  Olive….. Olive, who? Olive the other reindeer. - What's an ig? …….  A snow house without a loo! - What vegetable was forbidden on the ships of Arctic explorers? …… Leeks! -What do women use to stay young looking in the Arctic? ……  Cold cream. - What did the icy Arctic road say to the truck? … "Want to go for a spin?" - Why Did The Farmer Only Wear One Boot To Town? ….. He heard there would be a 50% chance of snow! -  ...................... and a Rat a Tat Tat ....................................…….. That’s All folks !    


Trivia Answer - Saint Stephen was one of the first ordained deacons of the Church. He was also the first Christian martyr.


Weekly Quote   - Remember ....... This December, That love weighs more than gold!    ….   Josephine Dodge Daskam Bacon


  Next Town Recycling  Wed Dec 20th    

That’s it for this week, Be Safe and Be Well !

............ Jeff O’Connell     

  Thought for today !  - Try to be a better person today than you were yesterday !

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