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July 24th  2018 


Headlines - Life Events and Recent News:

The Norwell Visiting Nurse Association will be at Henrich Hall for the wellness clinic on Monday, July 23rd

From 12:30 - 1:30 for blood pressure, blood glucose levels etc.  ...... This is a free service to all!


Our Condolences go out to Tom Crotty of Sycamore Dr and family and friends on the loss of his wife Ilene. A private burial will be held at the National Cemetery in Bourne. The family asks that any donations be sent to the Halifax Council on Aging Please Click Here For a Full Obituary

Our Condolences also go out to the family and friends of Shirley Corbett of Maplewood Drive.  Visiting hours will be in the Leighton-MacKinnon Funeral Home, 4 West Washington St. (Corner Rte. 58) in Hanson, on Sunday July 22nd, 3-7 p.m. Services will be held in the Funeral Home on Monday at 10 a.m. Relatives and friends are respectfully invited to attend. Burial will follow at Center Cemetery in Pembroke.

 Please Click Here For a Full Obituary

In our quest to be efficient and cost effective for our residents and the community we need to implement some changes: The New Office hours are Tuesday and Thursday from 9 am - to 1 pm ! Deb will be working in the office on Wednesday but will not be available to the residents during  this time. We ask also that the residents use the green locked box in front of the office by the road for all rent checks and general correspondence with the office rather  than directly into the office. ! Please do not put rent checks in the red box in the entryway as that's for complaints only. Thank you for your cooperation as we continue to grow.  .........................  The Board of Directors

Thanks to everyone who came out to the movie night ! We hoped you enjoyed the Hot dogs and salads desserts and the movie. Thanks to all who set up and made things for the event !

The Elections for the Board of Directors will be coming up Aug. 21, and WE NEED PEOPLE INTERESTED IN THE FUTURE OF OUR PARK with varied backgrounds and interests to run for the Board. All positions on the Board are open for election, but WE CAN’T HAVE A SUCCESSFUL ELECTION WITHOUT CANDIDATES ! ONLY YOU can help make this election a success. The direction of our community depends on it. Please call a member of the nominating committee now to submit your name, or the name of someone you think would be an effective board member. Charlie Brine 352-789-9791 – Donna O’Connell 781-294-1935 – Roxanne Currier 339-244-4942 - Share this with your friends and neighbors !

The Board of Directors with much help from several residents are in the process of producing a new Park Phone Book. The old one is 3 years old and very much out of date. If you DO NOT want your phone number to appear in the new Phonebook or your number has changed, please call Frank Garibaldi and leave a message at 1- 617-407-1886. You name and address WILL still appear in the phonebook. Thank You More info soon !


New Committee: The beautification committee which will be made up of all volunteer group that will be going around the community to just freshen up common areas near the streets such as some shrubs that have been overgrown maybe edging out the hall or office and assorted other things to make our community even nicer ! If you are interested please come to a meeting at Henrich Hall on Wed. July 25th @ 9 AM to put together plans. Or Call me @ 781 293 1937  ……Thanks …………Deb Winiewicz



The Annual Association Meeting will be on Tuesday, August 21st @ 7:00 pm. This is a very important meeting as there will be an election for the Board and we'll be voting on the budget for the next fiscal year! Please plan on attending !  Watch this space for more info!

   Have some news that you would like to share with the community ??

See Bottom of Newsletter for details ! Free for Halifax Estates Member Residents !

Our Weekly Community Events:

Bingo - July 16th  -  1st Special Jen Walker and Cathy Clasby- Door Prize -Stan Estabrook - 50/50 - Barbara Young-  Even Odd - Ed Nelson -  2nd Special -1st - Elaine Vinci- 2nd - Anna Buyers and Cam Ibbitson - 3rd -Elaine Vinci ............... Claire Johnson



  Whist – July 18th  1st - A Tie- Stan Estabrook and Jim Hiltz with 56 Pts - 2nd  _ Cam Ibbitson with 50 Pts and 3 rd _ Ronnie Hiltz with 30  Pts  ………… Nancy Hiltz


 Bowling – July 19th  - Woman’s High Single –Theresa MacDonald @ 91 -  Woman’s High Three Total –Anna Byers @ 249 - Men’s High Single: Tom Crotty @ 96 -  Men’s High Three Total –  Tom Crotty @ 254   - Sue Hopps won the quarters. ....... Rita Magnarelli


Knitting and Crocheting  - Every Wed @ 90 Maplewood Dr -  1:00 pm -  Come join this close knit group !

The Singing Seniors   Practices Thursday evenings  7 PM to 8 15 PM at Henrich Hall. 


   Upcoming Events:

The second Craft Day is scheduled for Tuesday July 24th at 11am to about 3pm at Henrich Hall. We are making ornaments with Boston sports motive. These ornaments will be sold, along with the scarves we made last week, at our Craft Fair in October for a special community project.

 Paint Night is scheduled for Tuesday July 24th at 6:30pm at Henrich Hall. Please let Iris (781.293.1577) know if you are coming, so our teacher can set up a place for you.

Generations Annual Meeting Aug 8th 11 am @ Police Station Lunch, Election of Officers and Upcoming Events

Generations Trip -RI Lighthouse Cruise and Quonset Thurs Aug 9th $92 PP Call Dottie 781-801-4822 for Reservations

The Annual Association Meeting will be on Tuesday, August 21st @ 7:00 pm. This is a very important meeting as there will be an election for the Board and we'll be voting on the budget for the next fiscal year! Please plan on attending ! ! !

Also in the thinking stage for July or August is a dance. Carl Faith & Jeff O’Connell  have offered to DJ for us at no cost. If anyone would like to know what type of music they play, the answer is OUR KIND of course, 60’s, 70’s 80 and more music!

We will be having a Flu Shot Clinic with Marc, the pharmacist from Osco Drug, on Tuesday, Sept. 11th @10:00 am. Stay tuned for more information! Mark your calendars !

The Next Halifax Estates Helping Hands Committee Meeting will be held on September 21st lower Level Henrich Hall ! Have a great Summer ! :-)

The Annual October Craft Fair. It is scheduled for October 27, 2018.  from 9-2 ..... More info to come at a later date. ...... Iris Perkoski



   Trips with Dave Roy   Call - 781-294-4846  - We need at least 30 people to go on these bus trips ! Friends and Family are always welcome ! ALL TRIPS ARE NOW $30.00 Per Person All Trips to be Paid 10 days in advance and NON REFUNDABLE Unless due to sickness or emergency.

Mohegan Sun Casino Trip  - Aug. 7th  Leaves Henrich Hall @ 10 am . Please Call To Reserve So we can get a count of how many are going. Thanks ............................Marie and Dave    



   For Sale, Wanted, Needed or Free:


Free- 4 31.5 x 41 mirrors with beveled edges Take 1 or all 4 ! - Very Small Table - 28.5 high with doily - artificial flowers- strawberry planter - bird wind chime and cat wind chime Call Jeanne @ 781-217-4706

Wanted - Someone to do alterations on curtains Please call Jeanne @ 781-217-4706

For Sale - I have a large antique spinning wheel in excellent condition - Come by 28 Maplewood Drive if interested.


For Sale - Tan Colored Power Chair (originally $700 from Bernie and Phyl's ) Only $50  ............... Call Sue @ 781-293-3453


Wanted: A ride to and from the T station will Pay $5  ........ Please Call Jeanne @ 781-217-4706

For Sale  - 8ft Boss Snow Plow $1500 -  2008 Ford Focus - Needs Work - $1500 - 20 Ft Aluminum Ladder $100 -10 Ft Aluminum Step Ladder $75 -8 ft Step Ladder $50 - Call 781-985-0444

For Sale - Aluminum Ramp 34 ft x 12 ft corner by 38in wide $2500 or best offer - Mobile Electric chair Brand New $950 or Best offer  - Call Pam @ 508-577-8451

Please Notify us when Items are SOLD  !  ................... Thank You !

 Other Notices:

Reminder to Make All Lot Rent Checks to HMHEA Inc - Please !

   Business Ad's and Notices:


Home Health Aide / Homemaker - Decades of Experience - Reasonable Rates - References Available ! - Please Call Jen @ 781-447-3649



J & M Maintenance - Lawns -Clean-ups - shrub trimming - Snow removal - Call JR @ 774-205-5381-



Are you thinking of SELLING YOUR HOME or BUYING A HOME? We would like to be YOUR CHOICE ! We Offer Full Real Estate Services & Professional Evaluations & Flexible Marketing based on YOUR needs - . Call Long Time Residents Charlie Brine  352-789-9791 or Marion Krivacs 339-933-6438 lets talk, or visit us at www.realestatedoneyourway.com REAL ESTATE DONE YOUR WAY ! 


Have a Home To Sell Here in Our Community ? The PARK SALES GROUP @ ParkSalesGroup.com or our sister site @ HalifaxMobileHomes.com can help you sell your home period ! ! !  Please call us @ 781-294-1087 or 781-264-6588 - With Us it's just  a “ Plain - Simple and Straightforward way of doing business the right way ! -

 Look for our ad in the Halifax C.O.A. Newsletter Too ! We Support Local !  ...Thank You,  Jeff and Donna O'Connell

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send us an e mail @ halmobilehomes@aol for details !  Or call 781-294-1087

Entertainment  Section:


Today July 17th - National Cousins Day ! Call that cousin that you haven't seen in years and had so much fun growing up with !

Go Ahead Call !

Trivia - Which actor starred in "Groundhog Day" and "Lost In Translation"?


Did You Know - The sum of all the numbers on a roulette wheel is 666.


Weekly Laughs I have many jokes about unemployed people, sadly none of them work. - Today was a terrible day. My ex got hit by a bus, and I lost my job as a bus driver - I lost my job at the bank on my very first day. – A woman asked me to check her balance, so I pushed her over. - Why does peter pan always fly because he NeverLands - Confucius say, man who runs behind car will get exhausted, but man who runs in front of car will get tired. - I tried to sue the airport for misplacing my luggage. – I lost my case. -What’s the difference between a politician and a flying pig? – The letter F. - I once ate a watch. It was very time consuming. -hear about the cow that just wandered into a field of marijuana. The steaks have never been so high… - Why can’t humans hear a dog whistle? – Because dogs can’t whistle. - What did the beach say as the tide came in? …… Long time, no sea.- How do you cut ancient Rome in half?……… With a pair of Caesars. -Two new windmills are standing in a field and one asks the other, “What kind of music do you like?” – The other says, “I’m a big metal fan.” - If you’re waiting for the waiter at a restaurant, aren’t you the waiter?...........................That is all we have for today !   BADA BING  !  ........ 


Trivia  Answer - That would be Mr. Bill Murray !


Weekly Quote   -It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop.  ............. Confucius

  Next Town Recycling  Wed Aug 1st and Wed Aug 15th   

That’s it for this week, Be Safe and Be Well !

............ Jeff O’Connell Sr. - Editor    

  Thought for today - Lighten up, just enjoy life, smile more, laugh more, and don’t get so worked up about things.-  Kenneth Branagh

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